Current Courses

UNIVERSITY at buffalo

PHI 107 Introduction to Ethics (Fall 2017)
PHI 234 Environmental Ethics (Fall 2017)
PHI 345 Aesthetics and the Philosophy of Art (Fall 2017)

Courses Taught


400-level Intention (Spring 2017)
300-level Democracy and Its Rivals (Spring 2017)
300-level Vegetarianism (Fall 2016)
200-level Aesthetics (Fall 2016)
200-level Environmental Ethics (Summer 2016)
100-level Introduction to Philosophy (Summer 2012, Spring 2016)
100-level Critical Reasoning (Spring 2016)
200-level Privacy and Whistleblowing (Summer 2015, Fall 2015)
200-level The Limits of the Criminal Law (Fall 2015)
200-level The Ethics of Social Networking (Summer 2013)
300-level Moral Motivation (Fall 2011)